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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
MAD21 $3,000.00 Jurassic Park Concept CoverLooks like Alfred turns out to be on the menu for lunch today !!!!!!!!
MAD22 $5,000.00 Alfred E. HeadroomCover painting to issue #269, March 1987
MAD23 $1,000.00 Payola, Stolen Ideas, Petty Cash… From the Worst From MAD #12 1969 by Jack Rickard
MAD24 $1,000.00 I Bow to the will of the People…By Jack Rickard from the Worst From MAD #12 1969
MAD01 $2,000.00 What's So Bad About Slavery? From the Worst From MAD #12 1969 by Jack Rickard
MAD05 $10,000.00 Alfred & Friends Got Milk CoverOriginal Painting to Issue #343, March 1996.
MAD20 $6,500.00 MAD Magazine #318, April 1993 - TrollsTroll cover by Richard Williams
MAD26 $5,500.00 MAD Super Special #110 by Richard Williams January 1996Alfred is the big ball in Times Square.
MAD02 $6,000.00 Alfred Watering Tomatoes - Mad Magazine #346, June 1996Original Art to the cover by Joe DeVito.
MAD49 $8,500.00 MAD Bombs Again! by Richard WilliamsMAD Super Special No. 65 Winter 1988 Spy vs. Spy .

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