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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
STC8 $500.00 Three-dimensional Grateful Dead Original artBought this in 1993 from the artist himself. Can't remember his name but I thought it was cool.
STC9 $200.00 Looney Tunes Characters include Bugs Bunny, Wily Coyote, Road Runner, Pluto, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird and Sylvester the Cat.Great item to put in a child's room. I can think of all kinds of places for it.
STC12 $200.00 Beatles Stamps. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!Original Beatles Stamps from 1964. Five different stamps with two advertising pieces
STC13 $200.00 Beatles Cigar Labels from the Netherlands, circa 1964.Purchased from Maxine and Stuart Evans.
STC14 $1,000.00 Four musical records of Popeye, Red Ryder, Flash Gordon, and Terry and the Pirates.Extremely rare musical records from 1948 of four popular American icons.
STC15 $100.00 Exhibit Advertising Piece from the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Dale Robertson.Dale Robertson stars today in the Spiderman movies as Spiderman's grandfather.
STC16 $200.00 Roar of the Crowd small movie poster with Joe Louis.His rise, his fall, his comeback.
STC19 $100.00 Metal Advertising Sign for a Pay ToiletBack in the 50's, they used to have these in public washrooms.
STC02 $100.00 One Share of Common Stock of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. May 16, 1973.This stock certificate was given to me as a present from my father when I graduated from college.
STC03 $10.00 Complete box of Pasta Boobs.This was given to me by Fred Marshall at my 50th Birthday Party and has been in my kitchen for the last 5 years.

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