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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
WP002 $4,000.00 Duck Bar Ice Cream.A live duck dipped in milk chocolate. Believe me, 1 foul tasting bar, feathers included.
WP003 $3,500.00 DedHexVoodoo Cursed Box - Warning: Our disgruntled Workers are Skilled in Hexes.
WP001 $4,000.00 Parody of several different Wacky Packages - Dr. Sushi, Mr. Clown, Pig Cigs, and Plaster Chips.Given to me as a present by the artist, Helen Szabo, who attended the Art Institute of Chicago.
WP004 $40.00 The Wacky Packages Handbook, Second Edition.This is an interesting book to read if you ever collected Wacky Packages or wanted to. I had 100 books once but now I only have a handful.
WP005 $2,000.00 Enterbraindead WeeklyCaricature of the Rat Pack....Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis,and Peter Lawford. by Jay Lynch..
WP006 $2,500.00 Precious Pooper Corporation.Caricature of the Honus Wagner card by Jay Lynch.
WP007 $2,000.00 BampaxSuper loud exploding tampons.
WP008 $1,500.00 SLIME MagazineSLIME's Man of the Ear.
WP009 $3,000.00 Armed & Hammered Unissued Wacky Packages ArtworkArtist Jay Lynch
WP010 $500.00 1979 Series Two Wacky Packages Uncut sheet.A complete sheet of 132 stickers.

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