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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
TA017 $400.00 The Young Swell TobaccoThis is a tobacco crate label. This label was on top of a crate of smoking tobacco and comes from the Hatch Lithograph Co. of New York, 1888.
TA012 $500.00 Old Judge Cigarettes Display Advertisement.Goodwin & Co., NY, Old Judge Cigarettes.
TA005 $650.00 1912 S110 Indian Pillow CaseThere's a large stain of some kind across the top. Overall, it's very nice. There will be an additional charge for shipping and handling.
TA006 $600.00 Mr. Jack Bachelor c/o Celibates Club New York, Copyright 1905.I don't know what else I'm going to find in one of my closets?
TA011 $2,000.00 Piedmont Cigarette Advertising Fan with stick.I have only seen two of these in my entire collecting career.
TA014 $100.00 Lucky Strike Cigarettes.Luckies Taste Better.
TA015 $50.00 Camel Joe Thank You for Shopping Here!Camel Joe Place Mat.
TA016 $50.00 Camel Cash, Get into it! with Camel Joe. Circa 1993.Camel Joe is sitting on a motorcycle smoking a cigarette with a rose on his tuxedo lapel.
TA018 $20.00 Decal of Camel Joe dressed as George Washington holding camel cash.If this was an iron-on for a t-shirt, I'd be wearing it right now. I love Camel Joe.
TA029 $75.00 1939 Wills's Cigarettes 38 different tobacco cards of soccer (football) players.Wills produced a series of soccer cards.

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