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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
NSC06 $1,000.00 Maserati 3500 GT Grand touring Coupe ItalyTopps original art from 1961 to card #3
NSC07 $1,500.00 Original artwork to Cosmic CandyBox artwork for Topps Cosmic Candy by Norm Sanders
NSC11 $750.00 Party Animal 1988 Topps T- Shirt Factory Iron- Ons Original Artwork by John Pound.
NSC73 $1,000.00 Head Of The ClassThis original artwork is a 1988 Topps T-Shirt Iron-On from the famous Topps Auction in New York and is painted by John Pound.
NSC01 $2,500.00 Give me a great big kiss!This was done for a Topps series called " Wanted Posters" and is called " Aunt " The series was produced in 1992. Take a good look at the boy's expression on his face. Can you relate?
NSC14 $2,500.00 Hobogoblin from the Goblin ChroniclesOriginal artwork from the Spiderman Premium Series by Mark Fredrickson with a copy of the trading card which is autographed by Mark.
NSC16 $1,000.00 Meanie Babies DE-ODOR-ANT by John PoundJohn Pound did the entire series of Meanie Babies and we have a few examples for sale.
NSC18 $1,000.00 Meanie Babies HOUSEFLY by John PoundI like all of John Pound's work.
NSC20 $1,000.00 Topps Trashcan TrollsOriginal artwork to Lawn John Silver.
NSC21 $1,500.00 Meanie Babies Original Artwork, Piddles, card No. 39This French poddle must be Euro-peein'

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