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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
NSCU6 $100.00 Art Portraits Exhibit Card DisplayVending Machine display board from 1950's.
NSCU7 $100.00 Bikini Bathers & Mannequins ExhibitExhibit Supply Vending Machine display board.
NSCU8 $150.00 Then & Now Exhibit Card DisplayIncludes Bogart, Curtis, Peck, Gene Kelly + others
NSCU3 $150.00 Uncut sheet of George Washington $1 bills. Uncut sheet of 32 one dollar bills of United States currency. Yes, it's real.
NSCU9 $100.00 Outdoor Girls Exhibit Card DisplayAction poses of active young females.
NSCU5 $150.00 Film Stars Exhibit Card DisplayThen & Now Male Film Stars Vending display.
NSCU4 $250.00 Uncut sheet of 54 photos. Circa 1888.I don't know anything about this piece, but I found it in my collection.
NSCU17 $500.00 Box with 24 unopened packs of Fink buttonsBasil Wolverton was responsible for the art to these buttons in 1965.
NSCU01 $50.00 Star Trek, the Next Generation, Uncut Sheet 1992.This is our last one. I had a few others but they are all gone.
NSCU18 $1,500.00 Complete set of Fink Buttons from 1965.Twenty-four different buttons in mint condition.

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